Probate is a legal process in which property is transferred through the courts. During this process the will of the deceased person is validated and the estate is administered in order to resolve all claims to the estate by creditors or others and to distribute assets under the will. Once probated the executor can enforce the will. When an individual dies without a will many times the probate court is called upon to distribute assets of that person in accordance with you state’s laws of inheritance.

Sometimes probate can be avoided with proper advanced planning. Courts routinely hear probate matters and not all probate cases are complex. However, probate can be a long, tedious, and technical process. An experienced probate attorney can help you to determine whether the estate needs to be probated or what other options may be available to you. Should you need to go through probate, an attorney can help you to navigate the process, advise and assist you with any issues that arise, and help you to move through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Professional council can go a long way for your family's future.

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"…Now, gentlemen, in this country, our courts are the great levelers. In our courts, all men are created equal. I’m not idealist to believe firmly in the integrity of our courts and of our jury system. That’s no ideal to me. That is a living, working reality!” "

-Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mockingbird


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